Welcome to the Sightcorp F.A.C.E. (Face Analysis Cloud Engine) platform! With the API, you can easily build your own smart applications in the Cloud using our Face Analysis Technologies. Register for an API key here on our portal and bring your own creative apps ideas to life!

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Sign up for the API Beta key and start developing your smart application using our technologies. We are currently in Open Beta, therefore, you can try out our API for free during a limited period.

Understand your users

Detect your users when they access your websites or mobile apps and retrieve relevant face analytics like their age, gender, facial expressions, head pose or ethnicity. Enhance your users experience by creating more interactive and engaging applications.

Make your apps smarter

Integrate our Cloud-based face analysis technologies in your own applications and make your apps smarter and more interactive. For more information, have a look at the API documentation.

Developer Toolkits

Would you like to integrate this technology into native, real-time and offline applications? Visit sightcorp.com for a free trial of our individual and crowd analysis SDKs: InSight and CrowdSight.